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Golden Temple Tour

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Our All India tour package offers you a great religious tour of the Golden Temple tour, in Amritsar, Punjab with the popular Golden Temple tour package at an affordable rate and with all amenities and facilities during your religious journey. We are renowned one in the travel market to offer you a good religious trip on the land of Sikhs’ devotees. Fake Rolex

  • State: Punjab
  • Location: The holy city of Amritsar is at the western extremity of India’s share of the Grand Trunk Road, 30 km from Pakistan.
  • Distance: 447 km NW of Delhi journey Time by Rail 12 hrs by Road 11 hrs by air 1 hr
  • Route: NH1 to Amritsar via Karnal, Ambala, Khanna, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Kartarpur and Beas.

Golden temple tour Modern India’s best highway is a section of the venerable Grand Trunk Road. In the 16th century, when it was built, the GT Road was lined with villages, countless serais and golden fields stretching far into the horizon. The 21st century avatar is a well-manicured blacktop snaking through dusty towns, lined with innumerable dhabas and tall eucalyptuses that block your view of the fields. Yet the odd Mughal kos minar and the aroma of bread baking in the simplest of ovens, the tandoor, still greet travelers to the Punjab plains nearly 500 years later. The last major stop this side of the Wagah border is Amritsar- the most sacred city in the Punjab. breitling replica

Golden temple tour Those who love Amritsar- and they are many, for the Golden Temple has overtaken the Taj Mahal to become India’s most-visited monument- may shudder at the invasion of this holiest of holy Sikh cities by Indipop and café culture. Though, just like the sarak that gets you there, Amritsar has changed, yet much remains the same. At heart it’s still the dera of Guru Ram Dass. Its soul, the incomparable Golden temple, has been desecrated and damaged countless times over countries. Afghans and Moghuls sacked the holy city several times; the Sikhs squabbled over it amongst themselves; it bears the scars of the fratricidal violence of the atrocities of Jalianwala Bagh, Partition and of Operation Bluestar. Yet, each time, the city has rebuilt its shrine and itself with unshakeable determination.

Golden temple tour The Swarna Temple is the gold plated sanctum on an artificial is the gold plated sanctum on an artificial island in the lake. Connected to the shores of the tank by a bridge, it is – unusually lower than its surroundings. The lake is full of colorful fish and bathing pilgrims. About 100 meters away, inside the same compound, is the Akal Takht. This too is a gold-plated structure, with a basement and five more floors. It has a fine museum and a hall where the Sarbat Khalsa meets to discuss matters pertaining to the Panth.

Golden temple tour One of the four gates of the rectangular complex leads out into the enormous complex leads out into the enormous residential hostels of the Guru Ram Dass Serai and the Langar which feeds the multitudes. There are several subsidiary shrines inside the complex as well and a very old jujube tree, the Ber Baba Buddha. This is reputed to have been extant while the complex was being built and Baba Buddha, who supervised the building, sat under it when giving instructions. Golden temple, India’s most visited monument and you can enjoy this shrine with the famous Golden temple tour package that makes your trip to Amritsar a fabulous one and Golden temple tour via All India tour Package is just wonderful. omega replica

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