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Kailash Mansarovar Package

A great mass of black rock rising up to over 22,000 feet, Mt. Kailash has the exceptional feature of being the world's least visited but most venerated holy place. Its grandeur lies not in its height but in its distinct shape—four sheer faces matching the cardinal points of the compass—and its solitary placement, free from neighboring mountains that might dwarf or obscure it. The extremely sacred site of four religions- Tibetans, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism- and billions of people, Kailash is seen by no more than a few thousand pilgrims each year. This curious fact is Mount Kailash explained by the mountain's remote location in far western Tibet. All pilgrims who travel to Kailash respect the sacredness of the mountain by not hiking it. All along the route are monasteries and points of religious importance and ritual- natural stone carvings honored as footprints of the Buddha, rock formations representing mythological forms, places where pilgrims gather mementos and others where pilgrims leave behind offerings such as a lock of hair or a tooth.

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